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Proactive & Reactive

Our goal is to offer exceptional service adapted to your needs in real time, all year long.

We have a dedicated  team of trained and experienced pool professionals, with great human qualities to take care of you.

We install an autoamted system which 

Only offer full year round maintenance contracts, to ensure a complete maintaining of your pool.

We regularly monitor 11 parameters of your water quality using this highly reliable photometer, to ensure your pool is healthy and pristine.

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An automated swimming pool

Our commitment to the unspoilt nature of the Luberon region is reflected in our eco-responsible approach to maintenance.

An intelligent solution not only keeps the water healthy and beautiful while using fewer chemicals but allows pool owners to effectively manage and reduce their water and energy consumption.

With an automated system we can keep an eye on the pools in real time and from a distance, enabling us to intervene when necessary, beyond our scheduled interventions.

That's why we chose the PoolCop automation solution, manufactured in Cucuron.

Connected to the PoolCop server, all pools in our portfolio benefit 24/7 monitoring, alerts to any anomalies, and timely interventions. Owners can see the exact status of their pool via the dedicated interface.

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