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Proactivité et réactivité

Beyond the cleaning and general upkeep of the pool,we monitor and manage the global functions from A to Z.

By using an automated system we can remotely follow the exact status of a pool at all times, control the main functions and equipment, and are alerted promptly to any abnormalities, allowing us to react promptly and efficiently.
  • Water disinfection (both chlorine and salt) and pH control

  • Filtration programming

  • Filter cleaning

  • Water level (essential for disinfection and alerts to possible leaks)

  • Water temperature (essential for filtration time)

  • Programming for the heating system

  • Pump efficiency (both single and variable speed pumps)

  • Pump house equipment

  • Additional installations such as cleaners, covers, lighting…

  • Various essential repairs and small items (skimmer baskets, light fuses…)

  • Early leak detection

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The benefits of a smart pool system :

Energy efficiency – optimize the energy consumption of a pool

Chemical management – continual monitoring and adjustments based on actual requirements maintain consistently well balanced water quality while avoiding chemical excess for a healthy pool that is pleasant to swim in.

Minimised Water consumption – Early leak detection, refills according to weather predictions, alerts to close the pool cover to avoid evaporation, using excess water for filter cleaning, and active winterizing which means pool water can be maintained for a number of years.

Proactive maintenance – the system detects and alerts to any problems promptly to extend the lifespan of the pool and its equipment, reducing maintenance costs over time.

Convenience – You can monitor your pool from anywhere at any time directly on a connected phone, tablet, or computer, and control your pool equipment such as cleaner, lighting, jet stream or fountains.

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